Upgrade Your Website


Original web sites were hand coded HTML pages. You needed to know the code language to make changes.

Have you been running a website for awhile?  Is it one of those “old time” sites that you can’t update easily?  Would you like to get more out of your site and not pay a ton of money to do it?

You are in luck. Advances in technology have made sophisticated website development tools available for relatively little money.  You can have a great looking website in a short amount of time.

Not only will your site look good on a regular web browser, but it will also look great on mobile devices like phones or tablets.

The secret comes from a technology called a Content Management System or CMS.

Content Management Process

With Content Management, you put your content into a form and press a button to publish. It’s just that easy!

CMS tools have been available for some time, but they were primarily used by newspapers and other publications to build enormous websites. The cost of the hardware and software was way greater than what a small company could afford.

With a CMS like WordPress, any company can use a template driven system to quickly add and modify web content.  No manual programming or complicated technical work is needed.  You can spend more of your time and effort in creating the content for your site and getting it noticed.

In the past, making website changes were a pain. You had to send the information to a programmer who would build your page and then “stage” it so you could see it. After a few back and forth e-mails or phone calls, you would either make changes or approve the work. Then some more time would go by before the page would get posted.

With CMS, you can make changes yourself quickly and painlessly without programming. You can preview it and make changes without programming. When you are ready you press a button and the page goes live!  No waiting!  The template that displays the page always looks good and the content is instantly linked to the other pages of your site.

If you prefer, we can do the changes for you. The process is just as simple. A quick edit, a press of a button and the page is live. No more waiting and no great expense. A small retainer covers website hosting and maintenance.

Give a call today on (201) 796-7967 and we can estimate your site’s conversion expense.

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