Project Management

Software Development Cycle

The process of developing software is one that evolves over time. A Project Manager provides the governance and Operational Management.

One of the most important parts of technology implementation is Project Management. We’ve been involved with many projects over the years, ranging from computer network installations to the development of enterprise software applications.

Management means having a through understanding of the issue at hand, and then apply the appropriate resources to accomplish the tasks required to accomplish the goal. The goal usually stays the same, but the tasks and the personnel involved may change over time.  It is the job of a good manager to understand the dynamic of all the “moving parts” so that a client’s project is completed by accomplishing the stated goal.

When a project is properly managed, all those involved feel engaged and empowered to do their best work.  Projects managed poorly become a cartoon:

Project Management

Our philosophy is simple: We ask lots of questions and do lots of investigation into any technology challenge. We find the best information available at the time and come up with a proposed optimal solution. The budget and timeline of a project is always in mind as we work to achieve the goal. We seek to find the best possible people to work on a project. We’ll recommend better ideas and alternatives which may or may not be accepted.  This is part of the evolution of any project. A constant “sanity check” is needed to make sure that the initial planning still accomplishes the goal.

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