Negative Population Growth: A New Look

Negative Population GrowthNegative Population Growth is a not for profit organization that’s primary purpose is to educate the American public and elected officials regarding the damaging effects of overpopulation on our nation’s environment, resources, and quality of life.  The organization has existed since 1972.

In the “old days” they published a newsletter and used the US Mail to get subscriptions and donations.

Negative Population Growth - Old site

The old NPG site required manual code editing and was difficult and time consuming to maintain. Converting the site makes maintenance easier.

With the advent of the Internet, they built a website and spend considerable time and effort to keep it maintained.  Because it was coded manually, it took a considerable amount of time to add new pages and link them to the menus.  If one page changed location, then all the pages that linked to it would need to be updated manually.  There were no tools to assist with the development or publishing.

We provided NPG with a new Content Management System to allow them to convert the existing site.  A new look graces the pages which is responsive.  This means that the page looks great on either a personal computer web browser or on a mobile phone or tablet.

The site, found at, is now running smoothly and new features are being developed continually.  Because the WordPress content management system keeps the work of programming at a minimum, the organization can spend more time on the content and the arrangement of the information to keep people engaged.

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