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Application Support

For many years we have been working on all manor of applications, doing everything from keeping track of video tapes in a library to accounting for a chain of auto parts stores. Here’s examples of our prior work. Our specialty over the years has been to come into a company and rescue them when their […]

Project Management

Project Management

One of the most important parts of technology implementation is Project Management. We’ve been involved with many projects over the years, ranging from computer network installations to the development of enterprise software applications. Management means having a through understanding of the issue at hand, and then apply the appropriate resources to accomplish the tasks required […]


Microsoft Technical Support vs. The Psychic Friends Network

Which Provides Better Support for Microsoft Products? by Michael Patrick Ellard and Daniel Albert Wright In the course of a recent Microsoft Access programming project, we had three difficult technical problems where we decided to call a support hotline for advice. This article compares the two support numbers we tried: Microsoft Technical Support and the […]