Application Support

Friendly support personnelFor many years we have been working on all manor of applications, doing everything from keeping track of video tapes in a library to accounting for a chain of auto parts stores. Here’s examples of our prior work.

Our specialty over the years has been to come into a company and rescue them when their application is in trouble. Sometimes it is because they are running their business with no Information Technology staff. Sometimes it is because the technology is older and is malfunctioning.

No matter what your situation is, we can do a full assessment and provide you with options. Our goal is to get your business back to what it does best, using the applications you need on a budget you can afford.

The new buzzword these days is “app” which is short for “application”. “App” has come to mean a small, usually single task tool for getting some kind of digital work done. The term really came about because of smart phones. You can download them and install them quickly. Many are free and they are plentiful and powerful.

In the “old days” before smart phones, an “application” was synonymous with the word “program”. These were the things you installed using a disk. There was a manual for installing some of them. Some applications were everywhere, like “Microsoft Word” or “Microsoft Excel”. Other applications were specialized and are only found in certain industries.

Just because the smart phone is the rage doesn’t mean that you have stopped using the applications that you have used for years. Some companies made enormous investments in specialized applications that are not easy to upgrade or replace. These mission critical pieces of software need constant care and attention to make sure they run correctly.

If your application isn’t working the way you are, call (201) 796-7967 today and we’ll help you “get your app together.”

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